National Sales Conferences

Benefits Partners’ national Strategy Summit addresses corporate benefits trends, resources and services that have a real impact on your firm’s business. The summit is also designed to help you establish new business relationships, share success stories and discuss opportunities in a collaborative setting that includes sessions on industry-specific topics and strategies.

Strategic Growth Workshops

Invitation-only events for principals and producers from around the country, our strategic growth workshops encourage participants to share ideas about revenue and business tactics in a small-group setting with fellow firms and Core carriers. Several workshops are held throughout the year at various locations, including highly rated golf and ski areas.

Health and Retirement Summits

Regulatory insiders and industry experts come together at our invitation-only health and retirement summits to discuss the most pressing issues related to reform, as well as the political landscape and the general state of the industry. The summits focus on current market trends, knowledge and information so participants can provide strategic guidance to their clients.